Jumat, 28 Januari 2011

Rabu, 26 Januari 2011

FBackup 4.5.236 Portable

FBackup 4.5.236 Portable | 12.53 MB
FBackup - useful software for backing up data.
FBackup can back up data on pre-established
Easy to use data backup.
Has a clear and
simple interface.
Ability to configure automatic
backup saves time and helps you recover your
data in case of breakage.
Supports backup
compression and password setting in the
In addition to backup data with
compression in the program have the
opportunity to create an exact copy of files and
folders with all the structure that enables
mirroring data.

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Jumat, 21 Januari 2011

One Bot Kill Exploit Room Boot

Updating from Messenger Smasher now with new tehniq.
Room Booter and Single Victim Booter Need to load bot list, still loged in 1 bot per login and use 1 bot to boot,
but every you need to change bot simple click login again to use next bot from the list,
prevent banned Efected on Any version of Yahoo Messenger .

Download Here

TUT By Rdex7

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